Keeping little ones entertained at a wedding

22nd February 2017

If you’ve said ‘yes’ to little ones at your wedding here are some tips for keeping them happy:

Create a crèche and hire nannies, parents will enjoy the wedding more if they know their kids are being well looked after.

If it’s a nice day ask responsible older children to help run a treasure hunt, or organize giant garden games.

Hire a face painter, balloon artist or clown, they are guaranteed to entertained kids and adults will love them too.

Have a separate kids table and bribe older ones to be in charge, they might love the responsibility. Have colouring-in place mat kits and bright wax crayon sets on their tables.

Have some lovely child-friendly favours like snap cards, lego or sweetie jars.

Younger guests will behave like angels if they are made to feel special. Children will be thrilled to be part of your beautiful, magical wedding.